ScanTech 6-Step Guide to 3D Measurement on Large Workpieces

Traditional inspection tools can’t get the full data and high precision when detecting large workpieces of machinery. On the other hand, handheld 3D laser scanners are user-friendly and can accurately obtain 3D data for measuring large volumes. Working with photogrammetry systems helps realize better results.3d scanning on large workpiece

ScanTech 3D solution

ScanTech puts forward a comprehensive 3D solution that simultaneously uses handheld 3D laser scanner HSCAN and MSCAN photogrammetry systems.

Metrological 3D scanner HSCAN can acquire 3D scanning data with 480,000 measurements/s, and 0.03mm accuracy.handheld 3D laser scanner

MSCAN photogrammetry system is specially designed for measuring large workpieces, it can work with handheld 3D scanners to decrease the accumulated errors.3D photogrammetry

The two 3D measuring devices quickly acquire the full 3D data of large mining machinery equipment, shorten the work time and enhance scanning accuracy.

time required for entire process

  • Attaching markers: 10 minutes
  • Scanning: 20 minutes
  • Detection report: 5 minutes

The Scanning process

Step 1: MSCAN photogrammetry system recognizes markers.

                                                                                                       large volume 3D inspection           

Step 2:  Calculate the distance between markers with the MSCAN photogrammetry system.3D scan software

Step 3: Transmit the 3D point cloud data to ScanViewer 3D software.3D point cloud data

Step 4: Measure mining machinery equipment with HSCAN 3D scanner.large volume 3d scan

Step 5: Process scan data.

3d data process

Step 6: Contrast detection to form color map.

color map

The 3D inspection of mining machinery equipment requires high precision and ScanTech’s 3D solution can capture complete and accurate 3D data in a relatively short time by combining HSCAN 3D scanner and MSCAN capabilities. The software provides contrast detection between scanned data and a data model for producing a color map. Machinery manufacturers will benefit from controlling cost and improve work efficiency.

ScanTech is dedicated itself to research and develop 3D scanners for industrial 3D inspection. For large volume measuring, AXE 3D scanner enjoys unique advantages. For example, it doubles scan area with only half markers and saves 50% work time, but keeps the 3D data precise.

3D laser scanner

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