Improving Accuracy Through Indirect Measurement

The accuracy of machine tools is key. By measuring a number of points, verification allows characteristic information to detect the influence of a machine’s geometric errors and improve its accuracy. While the direct measurement of errors has been widely used, researchers from Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain, propose that traditional techniques will be replaced by technology based on indirect measurement techniques, which significantly reduce maintenance and overall verification time.

The paper presents all the verification processes on a real milling machine, studying the principal steps and influence factors, such as the kinematic model of the machine tool, the influence of the verification points distribution, convergence criteria, the defined identification strategy and the compensation procedure. The adequacy of the mathematical compensation provided by this method is validated using traditional verification methods based on a laser interferometer and new ones based on a laser tracker.

“Improving a real milling machine accuracy through an indirect measurement of its geometric errors” was published in the July 2016 edition of SME’s Journal of Manufacturing Systems and can be read in full online here: Cost for the document is $35 (US).

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